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Low sex drive in women — Comprehensive overview covers diagnosis, treatment of this common problem.

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A new study on female hormones and sexual desire finds that estrogen, not testosterone, can boost libido in a woman’s natural cycle, while progesterone deadens it

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Apr 15, 2015 · Women are two and a half times more likely than men to take an antidepressant medication — and for many, it’s affecting their sex lives. According to a

Canadian women apparently have cold feet in the bedroom.

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Continued. Why are women’s sex drives seemingly weaker and more vulnerable to influence? Some have theorized it’s related to the greater power of men in society, or

Sex drives can ebb and flow during a relationship. Follow these tips to stay happy if your sex drives are mismatched.

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Women aren’t always the chaste creatures we’ve been asked to be — we like sex too! Here’s what life is like when you’re a woman with a high sex drive.

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A good sex life is an important part of every relationship. So why are there so many conflicts between men and women about it? Do men have stronger sex drives or is

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